My last Minor in Writing blog post! It hasn’t really hit me yet that I will be graduating, but I am at least trying to document my “lasts.” Although it is bittersweet to finish my minor experience, it is exciting because it means my project and portfolio are done!  While stressful at time, I am really happy with my finished for the Capstone. I was wary about how the portfolio would turn out because I never liked my Gateway portfolio that much. It just seems like a random collection of writing that doesn’t have a cohesive theme or look.

This time around I wanted to create a portfolio with a real purpose, and thus we get In-between: Transitional Writing at a Transitional Time. I came up with the “in-between” theme after reviewing my four years of work and realizing that most of my writing fits into either academic or personal, but my favorite writing are the pieces that mix the two genres. My portfolio organizes my writing samples into the academic, personal, and in-between genres and the categories are fleshed out in my writer’s evolution.

I came up with the in-between idea initially because it seemed like an interesting way to organize my portfolio, but the more I thought about it my writer’s evolution and making my portfolio, it became a much more important theme. With this approach, I feel like I learned more about what I’ve gained in my undergraduate writing and what I want my future writing to look like. This seems like it should be an obvious outcome of a Capstone course, but I’m pretty cynical person so I really didn’t expect this at the beginning of the semester. So I end the minor pleasantly surprised, and hopeful that other people will enjoy my portfolio as well!

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