Identifying Audiences: The Evolution Essay

Thinking about my evolution essay, there’s a list of four individuals that I would target:

  1. Susan Noyes—founder of Make It Better Magazine
  2. The individuals within my specific writing 420 section
  3. My close friends and roommates—such as Kylie Davis, Claire, Dijak, Jenny Veith, Danielle Shindler, Maggie Campbell, and Caroline Saca
  4. My parents, who aren’t experts in writing or the journalism/media industries

Reading my work, I feel as though many of the individuals that I’m targeting would be able to relate to this piece. I believe the piece shows the story of my growth through process, as my ideologies regarding writing processes have completed been altered since beginning the minor in writing program. I definitely think that the most relatable aspect of this is the power of story—since everyone can envision a story, whether you’re familiar with writing or not.

Although I think that a wide audience would understand the story, I worry about the structure and overall read of it. While the relatable aspect is there, I find it a bit boring. Within my writing, I hope to incorporate a strong voice and overall engage a reader, which I feel as this piece as is isn’t doing. For revisions, I’d like to restructure the essay so it’s broken up into separate subsections, or even stories, to break up the text. Right now, it appears text-heavy, and I find it hard to believe individuals would have the motivation to read straight through. My challenge for revision with this piece is to still show my evolution as a writer, but in a way that’s both unique and engaging to a reader. After seeing the draft as is, I know that I definitely need to approach this structural aspect and insert a creative, new element—now what that is, I still need to figure out.



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