iMovie Or Rocket Science?

imgresAs the title may portray, I have been having some problems with iMovie. So far the most difficult part of Project III has been putting the movie clips together. It is most likely my computer because it took over twenty-five minutes for one scene to download.This is crazy when there are sixteen minutes of video!

Good news now though! The two step-by-step software videos have been upload to my EPortflio! I am really excited for the workshop tomorrow. I feel that I have been staring at my own portfolio for numerous hours and that it will not improve until I step away. I feel that my peers opinions are the best thing that can happen right now!



4 thoughts to “iMovie Or Rocket Science?”

  1. Hi Chloe – I really enjoyed workshopping your portfolio today. It looks great so far. As for your Project III, I can completely relate to your frustration with iMovie. There are so many different, unnecessary steps you need to go through to make a video. It sounds like you have it figured out now so good job. I think the way you have placed the videos on your portfolio, side by side, is working very well right now, as well as your narration. It is very easy to follow. I wish you the best of luck in your revisions after hearing from our workshop group and can’t wait to see your final project.

  2. Hey Chloe!
    I watched both of your videos, and they look amazing! They seem really professional and practical, and I can see them being used in training. Like we talked about in class, I think most of your concerns with your portfolio will be alleviated once you figure out how you want to present yourself. Right now, we see a more personal side and a more professional side, and there isn’t a lot of explanation or transition between the two. I especially liked what Tyler said during class: maybe you can find a way to balance the two, like you do in your life.
    Good luck!

  3. Originally I thought it was just Garage Band that sucked. But apparently iMovie does too. Thanks Apple.

    But I’m glad it worked out. I watched the videos and was really impressed. Pairing the video with narration was so effective. Obviously I know nothing about CMiC, but you laid everything out step by step so well that if I needed to, I could easily complete the tasks you talked about. The videos felt just like every How To video you can find on YouTube, so good job!

    Like Emily said above, I think you just need to find some balance between the personal and professional on your EPortfolio. I think as isolated parts of the portfolio, both the professional and personal sides are great. It’s just a matter of meshing them together.

    I think you said yesterday that writing is release from being so caught up in school/work. I hope I’m not going crazy and imagining that haha, but if that is true, I think you should just tell the viewer that on your intro/about me page. I’m sure it’ll all work out, and again, nice job on Project 3.

  4. Hey Chloe!
    I watched your videos and they honestly seem really perfect for the genre. They’re clear, helpful, and really professional. Like Emily said, I really like your ePortfolio. I love the aesthetic, pictures, and I think that your writing projects are interesting and unique. However, it’s just a matter of having it all tie in together. You don’t have to be all business if you don’t want to. But make sure that everything on it has a purpose and that the purpose is clear.


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