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I’ve had social media on the brain a lot recently, and Instagram in particular.. I’ve got some recent musings on Instagram I’d like to share. Instagram seems to be the hot mode of social media. As a member of the Facebook generation, I’m trying to wrap my mind around the mammoth force that Instagram has become. As part of my recent internship with University Musical Society, they asked me to take over the University of Michigan account for the week. The University of Michigan has 99.3 k followers, which meant that almost a million people were probably seeing what I was posting. What?!?


University of Michigan's Insta Account
University of Michigan’s Insta Account

A friend and Michigan graduate who recently played the lead role in the National Tour of Broadway’s NEWSIES reminded me a few weeks ago to get my Instagram followers up. She said that when Broadway directors come between two actresses for a role and can’t decide, they check out the number of Instagram followers and go with the actress who has the most followers. Yep. I’m serious. But it makes sense! If one actress has 987 followers and the other has 55k, the latter actress provides the Broadway show with free publicity to a preexisting fan base of 55k people! It’s smart. We’ve also talked about it a good deal recently in our Capstone course about linking our Instagram account to our online portfolios to give potential employers a way to connect with you on another level. Yesterday, Barry Ivan, a major force in film casting, came to talk to one of my classes. He told us that there is one professional tool at all our disposal that is an invaluable asset in getting into auditions and getting cast that we aren ‘t utilizing. Can you guess what it was? You got it. Instagram. But he had an interesting thought. It wasn’t so much about what we were posting, but about who we were following. He suggested that if we are about to go into an audition, figure out who is on the creative and casting team and follow them on Instagram before you go in to audition. Most importantly, start liking their photos. Why? Barry said that every time you light up that heart on Insta, your name pops up on the casting director or director’s phone. What if they’re on a break in a frustrating casting session and check their phone to see your name pop up? He said that more often than you’d think, that inspires the casting director to say, “Oh! Christina Maxwell just liked my photo…she would be great for this actually. Huh, we should call her in!” Just like that! And it makes sense for any type of job-not just performing! Check on this article I recently found online about how to use Instagram to get hired. I think you’ll find it quite insightful.

Happy Instagramming!

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