My Last Time

It’s crazy to think my time here at Michigan is 10 days from over. I’ve always been worried that come this time, I’d be overly nostalgic and sentimental and think of everything I do as “my last time [insert activity here]”. I would then become terribly sad and my thoughts would be clouded by the fact that I never want to leave, and it would be a really bittersweet ending.

Fortunately, this has not been the case. Yes, this may be “my last time posting on the Sweetland Minor in Writing Blog”, but that, and the various other “lasts” I’ll do over the next 10 days have been satisfying, not somber. My four years at Michigan have been incredible and I’m relieved that my last hurrah will be marked first and foremost by triumph and happiness.

So yeah, I’ll never post on here again, which means I’m no longer in college, which means I’m now entering the real world, but I’ve never felt more prepared and excited to do so.

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