People I’d like to impress for my evolution essay

My evolution essay is based on the idea of acquiring different “skills” as I’ve dabbled in more genres of writing. I move through these skills in an unspoken chronological order. I always thought of my audience as someone who is interested in my writing and the minor in writing committee who will be reading my work. I didn’t really think about people outside of these two audiences who would be interested, but I considered the following people I would like to impress with my essay:

A top expert in your field (business)

  • Warren Buffet, businessman and investor
  • His reaction: “What the heck is this??” In all seriousness, he would not know what this is and why he’s reading it. He writes an annual letter to his shareholders (a whopping 30 pages long for his 2015 letter!!) that focuses on his investments, why they’re going well or going badly, blah blah, so this topic specifically focused on writing might be foreign to him. But, I think he would appreciate the reflection and growth in my writing because he reflects about his company in these letters. He writes in a very conversational and easy to understand tone, which is an approach I’ve taken as well. I’d imagine he’d like the “skills” format I use because it’s something similar to a resume.

A close peer in the minor in writing

  • Kaitlynn , currently in my capstone section and was also in my gateway course
  • Her reaction: I imagine Kaitlynn would find the way I structured my essay a little boring. She told me she is using more of a “concrete theme” for her evolution essay. Mine is not necessarily creative in that aspect.

A peer from outside the minor in writing

  • Rachael, not in the Minor in Writing, but she works for Sweetland as a writing consultant and is an English major
  • Their reaction: I think she would be surprised about the different kinds of writing I’ve tackled. Since she works at Sweetland, she would understand what the essay is about and understand my progression. She actually read the nature essay that I talk about in my draft.

Someone who isn’t an expert in writing or in your field

  • Jun, computer science major who spends his whole day coding
  • Their reaction: I don’t want to discount Jun’s knowledge, but he doesn’t do much writing and just asked me the other day to read over a sentence he wrote. I think he would like this and think that it’s good that my writing has changed so much over the years. I would hope he likes reading my writing excerpts.

Well that was fun. Reflecting about people who I want to impress, I realized that an expert in my field (business) may not be the person I necessarily focus on because they wouldn’t understand the nature of the essay. They would think it’s cool to see my changes, but I think they would rather see actual examples of my work (or maybe something with graphs and stuff.) I think the “skills” format is helpful because they know what I’m able to do within my writing.

I think my friends who are either involved in writing or even not involved in writing would enjoy reading my evolution essay because it shows my growth as a person throughout college. But, I wonder if they would find the format boring… I enjoy it though, but maybe that comes down to formatting the aesthetics of the paper.



Melody Ng

Melody is currently a senior studying business.

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