Progress? It’s real?

Usually at this point in a project for this class, I am having an extremely difficult time because I either hate the current state of my project, or I feel like I need to seriously reconsider my idea at its core.

However, I am happy to say that this time around, I do not hate my project, and I do not feel the need to change it. I have also actually made a decent amount of progress. For the content of project III, I stuck with my original plan of using the unused research and interviews from my project II (as well as some new ones that I have since conducted). I have created a website and have decided on the basic layout, and I am currently working to complete incorporating my information. I still have a good amount of work to do (like incorporating some intro/framing writing as well as working to include my own answers to the interview questions), but I am not panicking.

And that feels good. And concerningly unfamiliar.

Overall, I am sad that the class as a whole is finishing because I will miss it, but I am very excited to see how my project turns out and – of course – to start my summer break.

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  1. Hi Madison. I really appreciated the phrasing “concerningly unfamiliar.” I would just like to second that. Also, since it is in a good way rather than a bad way, I am really happy to hear that is how you are feeling. It sounds like you have a really solid grasp on everything! I too am sad that the end of this class is in sight, since I really do feel like it is my first class at U of M where I have gotten to know nearly everyone pretty well. It is really starting to feel like a community, which is cool. And even cooler knowing that the minor program will keep us all somewhat in touch, even after the long gap that is summer. Speaking of, have you figured out your summer plans yet? Hope everything is falling into place for you in that respect as well!

    1. hey Danielle! I totally feel you, this is definitely the first class I’ve taken at UM that I will miss because of the people in it. As for my summer plans, I am going to stay for spring term to take a class, and then heading home (tbd as to whether I do something productive or if I visit people/veg for the last 2 months of summer). I hope everything is working out for you as well 🙂

  2. Hey Madison! Okay side note first, it was really nice talking in class today about all the concerns and feelings for the rest of this class and semester, and your confirmation of my project idea was reassuring, so thanks for that! Reading this made me feel one part jealous, and one part happy and excited for how well everything is going for you. That’s such a good feeling to be on track and liking the direction an assignment is going, I can’t wait to see the final product and I really hope it continues to go as planned. Echoing what Danielle said, your phrase “concerningly unfamiliar” is brilliant and way too true. We sadly often aren’t running at the same pace that school is. But I’m glad that you are for a change!

    1. Hey Jessyca! I totally agree, it was a great moment feeling the same about the semester ending haha. I’m glad that my confirmation helped! Definitely let me know if you have any more questions as you finish your project!

  3. Hi Madison,
    Similar to you, I am sad that this course is coming to an end! Also, I am glad that your project is going well. Last time we spoke, you mentioned that you had completed all the interviews and was working on creating the website. From what I saw, the website was extremely interesting and I am excited to see the final project. My favorite part was how you had pictures of each individual along with their quotes. This gives depth to each character and draws in your audience. Finally, I am so glad that you are not stressed. It is great that you are moving forward at a steady pace! If you have any questions please let me know. Best of luck!

    1. Hey Chloe! Thanks for the confirmation that my project is interesting (I have been slightly worried that it won’t be enticing to viewers). Definitely let me know if you have any questions as well!

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