Project Revision: Who Are You Writing To

It might seem a little late to do a redefining mini assignment, but an assignment that requires us to look at audience helps make sure the project has stayed true the people it is supposed to address. For this particular drafting exercise, we were asked to think of four people who we would be addressing. We were then asked to consider: how welcome would this person be in the conversation, how much would they understand, and would they buy into your work?

The first person we had to think of was a topic expert in our field, or someone I would like to impress. I chose Jordan Klepper, a correspondent for The Daily Show and the Best Fucking News Team. He would definitely understand the project, as he and others for the Daily Show make their living via satirical looks at problems in American society.  I think the major selling point for him would be the humor, so revision would involve punching up jokes. Here is an example of a piece on sexual assault Klepper worked on.

The Daily Show

The second was close peers in the Minors. I would choose my blog group, just because they have such an extensive background with my project. I have explained what I want to do, how I want to execute the videos, and the topics I want to cover. As college students, they will recognize the problems I address.

For a peer outside the minor, I would choose my housemates. They are pretty harsh judges of comedy, and I know that if I am able to make them laugh, I will be able to reach even the most stoic of audiences.

The fourth person would be someone who is not an expert in my field. I chose the Dean of LSA, Andrew Martin. This would be the most interesting reaction of the 3, because the video is meant for administrators as well. I would be interested in finding out if he knows of student complaints or can identify with the conversation I am trying to start.



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