Debacles at the Dude

Project III is well under way. I got my group of sciencey students together on sunday evening in order to record the podcast. It was a night filled with technological trials and tribulations, but the debate went well. I had four students come up with me, but one of them said near nothing during the debate. It was quite discouraging, but I was able to edit her out of the talk so it is almost like she was never there (sorry Astrid lol).

Can I just say how cool the Duderstat (aka The Dude) is? I was in the coolest room ever. It was a personal podcast studio, and I may or may not have felt like a superstar reporter or someone super important or something. You know, no big deal.

Like I said, there were many difficulties nonetheless. With great technology comes great responsibility. Well, more like great frustration. After I had recorded everything, it took me almost two hours just to cut out the parts I did not want.

So that is where I am at right now: I have a rough cut.

I plan to work on the final, trying my best to figure out the tech enough so as to incorporate some sort of background music and sounds and fade-ins and outs and all of that jazz. Wish me luck. It is going to be struggle-some I am sure.

3 thoughts to “Debacles at the Dude”

  1. Hi Danielle,

    that’s so great that you ended up getting certified to use the resources at the Dude after all. It sounds like it really took your project to the next level. I may have to get your help on getting certified for that myself…Maybe.
    Editing sound stuff is the tough. I am also doing a project that involves audio and it is such a hassle to make sure everything is timed right.
    Also it’s hilarious that you managed to edit that one girl (Astrid) out of the project.
    I’m really curious about your project, and I am excited to hear the whole thing!


  2. Hey Danielle!
    Wow, I’m impressed that you are tackling all that technology. Tbh I was afraid of doing anything too digitally-intensive for my project solely because I was afraid of the technological mess I would find myself in. So good for you for pushing your boundaries & it sounds like you had a lot of fun in the recording studio– lol I kinda want to check that out now….

    T told me about a place in Hatcher called Scholar Space where they can help you with digital projects, so maybe check that out if you’re still having trouble. I’ve been meaning to go there for some help with mine, so maybe we should venture there together?

    Honestly, I don’t fully remember what you were doing for your project 3 (whoops– sorry) but this got me interested. I’m curious to see how this debate turned out & now I’m really looking forward to what your final project turns out to be! Good luck editing the recordings, you got this!

  3. This sounds like an awesome project! I like the contrast in form and also content, how you’re taking a research paper and making abstracting it into a debate podcast (is it a podcast?) I’m impressed you managed to get some of your classmates to help you record, especially at this time of year haha. When I first read “all that jazz” I thought you meant that the background music and sound effects was jazz music…then I realized…BUT who knows, perhaps jazz music is the perfect soundtrack for debates.

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