Warmest Welcomes

Welcome welcome writing minors of the future! It goes by real quick, so get ready.

My first piece of advice? Don’t be scared of this class. It’s different from the other ones, because you actually get to do what you want! Of course, take it seriously– but don’t be afraid to ask questions in class, to take creative risks, to talk and debate with each other. The beauty of this minor is that you’re here to figure out what you’re doing, and there’s ample room to do so. And don’t be so worried about grades or “doing well in the class”– of course you’ll be fine! You’re a writer! (I mean, but I also can’t predict the future…I’m no Raven).

That said, if you know what sort of writing you want to do (or even have a slight idea), trust it. I spent a lot of my project II trying to push myself beyond my typical subject matter and style, simply because I felt like I “should” be exploring more. I ended up realizing that what I actually should be doing is using this class to develop this writing style and subject matter more and more, which I (thankfully) ended up doing, after many blog posts about my confusion for project II, and coming to my senses.

Also, be friends with your class. We waited until the last day of class to make a group email….but we maybe should have made it sooner! Your class is full of a bunch of great, smart people who love writing, but who are also people interested in a bunch of different things and weird hobbies and netflix addictions–your classmates are a great resource for inspo, writing help, and also ~friends~ <3

Other final very important notes:

  1. Sign up to get workshopped !!!!!!
  2. learn how to make your GIFs work in blog posts



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