Where am I? Who knows anymore.

We’re almost done with this semester and WHOA has it flown by. I am honestly going to miss this class so much.


Anyways, where I’m at with the third project is what I’m supposed to be talking about.

I’m doing pretty well with it. I’m quite a bit further than I was with Project II at this point. My collages are coming out pretty well. I think they tell the story I want them to tell and they’ll add a much needed visual to what I wrote for Project II.

It’s all working. No epiphanies. I’m doing well.

Except this is an accurate depiction of me right now, so that might not be considered “well”. nap



Also enjoy this yawning sloth.

200 (1) And this sleepy puppy.

You can tell it’s the end of the semester.

4 thoughts to “Where am I? Who knows anymore.”

  1. Hi Liv! Your posts are always entertaining. Seriously, it never fails. Even if you aren’t really saying much. I think it is because you voice comes through your writing so strongly, which is something I really admire. I can near perfectly hear you saying this out loud as I read along. Crazy. Anyways, I am happy to hear that things are progressing steadily! Can’t wait to see the collages. Thanks for the entertaining GIFs. We should ask T if we can have nap-time during our last few classes (not the whole class, of course… just a few minutes… power naps). Power nap much needed. Buh-bye.

  2. Any post with gifs is likely to catch my attention, as yours did. And the ones you chose are excellent— that vine of the little girl falling to the ground and crying over her desperate need of a nap? Happens to me at LEAST twice a day. As for your project, I’m glad it’s turning out the way you intended! At this point in the semester in the midst of so much chaos, stuff going as planned is as much as you can ask for. I hope everything continues to progress with no nap-needing meltdowns . Can’t wait to see it!

  3. I’m really torn on if I think sloths are cute animals or not. Anyway, thanks for the laugh throughout this post. I need those at the end of a semester haha.

    I’m glad to hear Project 3 is going better than Project 2. I totally understand how good that feels, cause my mock New Yorker article was a grind (it took an all-nighter, fell asleep in my Soc class the next day, not the best place for a nap). I’m looking forward to seeing the collages.

    And I’m going to miss this class too. I haven’t had many courses where I’m pumped to show up to class everyday, but this is one of them. Nice GIF selection, gotta love sleeping.

  4. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed, to just about everything in this post. I’m going to miss this class so much! Where did the semester go? It really feels like yesterday that I was scrolling through this blog just getting to know everyone through their introductory posts. I don’t wanna be a junior, wow. Minus the lack of sleep, I am glad to hear that you’re on a good track with your project three. There’s nothing worse than feeling unsatisfied with the outcome of your work, so I’m happy that you’re not experiencing that. If your collages are anything like your eportfolio site, then I’m sure they’re going to be great. You have excellent visual taste! Looking forward to seeing the final product.

    P.S. I am definitely not opposed to the nap time in class tomorrow (or today since its currently 12:24 am..)

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