Who am I writing to?

To be honest, I was pretty far into creating my E-Portfolio until I could pin down who I was actually writing to, or maybe who I was writing for. I knew my focus would not be employers, because I am going into a business field and this portfolio showcases more of my creative, personal writing. I thought about simply writing to who I knew would be reading my E-Portfolio- the people who have to, right? So maybe I could write just to Shelley and my other reader. However, as this year comes to a close and I spend much of my time helping dozens of underclassmen with professional development, essay editing, mock interviews and other tasks, I realized that mentorship is a passion of mine and I can incorporate this into my E-Portfolio. I want my work to ultimately help others, so I decided to focus my E-Portfolio construction on current, prospective and future minors. I want my audience to get a holistic glimpse into my undergraduate writing journey, or as I frame it, curriculum. I want to share with them the value of taking a wide variety of writing-based classes, getting comfortable with diverse genres and taking risks when necessary. Lastly, I want to simply provide ideas on how to incorporate and bring together different passions through writing. For me, this was business communications and education. For others, it may be something completely different, but I want to show them that they can do that through the capstone project. If you are reading this, I invite you to look at my E-Portfolio to see if this theme rings true. If you are a current or prospective minor, I hope my capstone project and E-Portfolio can help you in some way- whether it is deciding what courses to take or learning from someone else who has been in your shoes before- the good and the bad!

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