Who I Am Writing To

I recently scrapped my tentative draft for the Evolution Essay. Originally, I planned to craft a relatively generic narrative about my growth as I writer. I was going to use examples from my previous writings as evidence to back up generalizations, which best fit the narrative arch I was trying to achieve. The problem with this plan is more complex than simply being too boring–though it is, no doubt, boring. As I began drafting the essay, I quickly lost inspiration. The greatest problem, however, with this narrative, about my change as a writer, is that it detracts from my work in the rest of the Capstone course, as well as my work in a Psych class, in which I investigate stress among college workers, and my work within the the Gateway class, in which I argued for the priceless importance of skilled labor. That is all to say that this egocentric essay would take away from the importance of my labor-directed work. Additionally, placing an essay solely about myself and my writing amidst an ePortfolio designed to help poverty-wage folks has the potential to push away my target audience–those less educated and privileged than myself, those who don’t have the time nor interest to read about my writing experience in college. I need to create an Evolution Essay that–somehow–pertains to the importance of labor activism.

The solution I came to is complicated, but it can be done. I will write a how-to guide for joining a movement and planning an action. Now, this solves the problems of detracting from my labor-oriented work and pushing away my target audience; however, I am creating this ePortfolio (and associated Evolution Essay) for my fellow peers and faculty in the Minor in Writing. Talking about writing is important and that is what this assignment was designed for. Nonetheless, I believe I can incorporate my writing growth amidst a how-to guide about planing an action. In fact, I have already begun experimenting with moderate success. Furthermore, I believe this current, seemingly convoluted plan for my Evolution Essay will serve as a worthy adversary for my final writing project within the Minor in Writing and, as it turns out, my final writing endeavor in all of my undergraduate college career. The art is creating a single affective, coherent piece out two seemingly uncorrelated projects.

My audience has always been low wage workers. I have cared deeply about the rights of low wage workers for years and the Capstone course was always meant to be a forum in which I could create pieces that might help them. These folks have been the guiding light for multiple projects across a small handful of classes this semester and prior. I am thrilled to create multiple pieces in different genres and modes of production all for a single audience, which I care so deeply for. My audience stands to gain a lot from the projects I am creating–assuming, of course, I can pull off my ambitious plans.

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