Digital New Sources


  1. ONE THAT IS PITCHED TO YOU: is the digital news source I find that is pitched to me. it’s right at my speed. It allows me to stay updated on important, need to know, news and delivers it quickly and efficiently. It gives the important facts nothing more, nothing less. It’s the perfect reader for a college student like myself. It has key facts bulleted and then a more detailed description of the incident or encounter that easily get the point across.
  2. ONE THAT FEELS TOO ┬áDUMB FOR YOU: I would probably have to say, based on its content. It has far too much celebrity gossip which, in my opinion, is simply not news worthy. I don’t feel the need to know about the Kardashians latest scandal or who Taylor swifts latest boyfriend is. I would much rather read news based on whats happening in the world today.
  3. ONE THAT IS FOR SOMEONE MORE KNOWLEDGABLE THAN ME: For me, this would be I know that this is intended to be a way for college students to keep up with sales and business news however, these are two subject I simply do not find appealing and do not fully understand. Morning brew is meant to condense and make these big business topics easier but I still find it difficult to fully understand when i have no prior knowledge of how things in business and sales work.

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