Good News or Bad News

A lot of news sources are very underwhelming these days, as all of them are focused on the most interesting, normally fabricated events happening around the world. Generally, I feel as if Buzzfeed is the main news that I feel is directed toward me and my generation. It uses a lot of pictures and simple words to help draw people in, as well as providing pointless quizzes that are unfortunately really entertaining to take. I often find that when I read People Magazine that I get the same simple word vibe and lots of pictures. I feel like I need to dumb myself down in order to really enjoy what I am reading. There isn’t really any educational benefit to it, rather, it’s more so reporters twisting the truth to make an entertaining read. I don’t ever read the magazine for news, but I enjoy making jokes about the topics it covers. The crossword is fun to do as well.

One news source I do not enjoy looking at is the Economist. As much as I love reading about the economy, the large buzz words they use to make it sound very intelligent are frustrating and turn me off to the idea of reading about it. Historically, I have not done well in economics classes, so I suppose the topic may be the cause for it seeming too advanced.

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