Repurposing: 10 Questions

  1. Why do people enjoy dancing?
  2. Is there a difference between the enjoyment from dancing for fun in a social setting and dancing as a trained performer?
  3. How does dance differ from other art forms?
  4. How does dance differ from other sports?
  5. How does atmosphere effect mindset?
  6. What motivates people to invest themselves in an activity?
  7. Do different dance style preferences indicated differences in drive/motivation to dance?
  8. What is the role of performance in dance?
  9. Can dance be purely for intrinsic purposes?
  10. What about dance makes it important to society that nearly every culture does it in some way?


What do you need to give a reader in order to help them engage with these questions?


In order for the reader to be able to engage with these questions, they must be given an idea of what it is like to dance as a trained dancer.  The typical reader has not necessarily experienced dance training and practice and would not be able to address many of these questions without some idea of what that is like and why it’s appealing.  Further, they would need to know some general dance terminology, specifically referring to styles of dance, exercises, and movements.  


What do you think, as the writer, you can do to help the reader engage in those ways?


As a writer, I think I can engage the reader in these questions by helping them to visualize the dance experience.  By using vivid descriptions, I hope to give the reader a sense of how it feels to dance as a trained dancer in a class/performance setting (compared to a social, casual setting).  I don’t think the dance terminology will be much of an issue since the reader must only know that they are dance terms, rather than what specific moves they reference, to understand the point of the argument.   


What do you think a general reader already has that they’ll be able to use to engage in these questions?
I think a general reader already has an understanding of why people enjoy dancing in social settings.  Many people engage in such behavior themselves, or at least observe others doing so.  I think that even people who do not personally enjoy dancing have a general idea of various reasons for why others do it and what they gain from it.

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