1. Who is the intended audience of the Teen Choice Awards? 
  2. What qualifies someone to be considered a celebrity? 
  3. What are the flaws in modern celebrity culture? 
  4. What is a fandom and why is it a thing? 
  5. What role does social media play in creating one-sided yet meaningful relationships with celebrities? 
  6. What role does humor play in digital news reporting? 
  7. At what age is it no longer socially acceptable to watch or enjoy things labeled as “teen”? 
  8. In what ways do social media enable an entire demographic to speak in one voice – the way people took to twitter to respond?
  9. Is entertainment news and other like sources an effective way to report on things? 
  10. Why do we care so much about celebrity?  

How can I help the reader engage? 

  • People are often very dismissive of celebrity and pop culture because it’s too shallow or unimportant, but I think that if I can get at a deeper meaning it will help the reader engage more. 

What is the reader already likely to posses that they will use in order to help themselves engage? 

  • Even if the reader doesn’t follow any pop culture trends or figures, celebrity culture is so ubiquitous that everyone is going to have at least some grasp of the concepts. 

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