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After reading some of my classmates’ blog posts for this assignment, I feel a bit behind in my planning and outlining for this re-purposing project. However, I feel like now that I have really found a topic I am interested in and find to be a compelling argument, I can dive into the research and multimodal resources that will help me in my writing.

Before writing my research proposal, I met with my teacher to get my ideas out verbally and to get a second opinion on them, so that I could have a little more clarity when writing my proposal. Talking with her definitely helped me, but the topics I had come to her with still weren’t sparking a passion in me that would keep me from dreading the drafting process for this assignment. My original piece that I am re-purposing has to do with my time working at a Migrant Education Program. In my re-purposing, I originally thought of talking about migrant farm work in general, in order to educate more people on the topic since I feel it is relatively unknown that migrant farm work occurs in Michigan and deeply affects the lives of the workers and their children. However, I didn’t see what my argument was in this approach. I thought, am I just doing an informational research paper? That sounds really boring, to read and to write.


Later, when I sat down to write my annotated bibliography rough draft and pick some genre sources, I knew I had to really decide what I was gonna do for my topic. Something that has interested me in the past is nomadic living in general, in part because my dad lived like this for a few years of his life and I love hearing his stories about it. After some brainstorming, I decided that it would be interesting to compare the modern nomadic lifestyle to migrant farm workers’ lives and to address the privileges held by those who choose the lifestyle of constant traveling, while migrant farm workers are not given the opportunities to choose another life. To me, this gives my paper a clear direction and argument, and excites me to think that I can learn more about nomadic living in general while still connecting it to something I have grown passionate about through my summer job.

Now, it’s time for me to start writing my shitty first draft. Since I have decided on a comparative analysis type paper, I feel like it’ll require that I do a lot of research. In the past when I have done a comparative analysis, it turned into a nine page paper, and I don’t think I want this one to be that long, especially when I consider where I want my piece to end up — which is something I still haven’t figured out. That will be my next decision in the process of writing this re-purposing assignment.


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  1. For me the toughest part of the project is finding a concrete idea and running with it. I too felt as if I was a little behind the other students in the class, but now that I have a project focus, I feel a lot more secure about my writing and argument.
    I find it interesting that you though your original repurposing didn’t have an argument behind it. Although it may not have been written out as a thesis, i think your portrayal of subjects inherently implies “something” to the audience. In other words, I feel your original idea could have enlightened your audience as to the hash realities immigrant workers endure.
    Your final idea that you are working with is abstract and I love it. I’m excited to see what you do with it, and I can’t wait for you and me to read each other’s shitty first draft.

  2. I’m glad that you chose this as your topic—the culture of those who choose to be nomadic has always interested me. To compare this lifestyle with migrant farm workers, who don’t have that same luxury of choice, will make for a thought-provoking essay.
    Is the purpose of your essay entirely comparative, or will there be a bias to your thesis? I’m curious to see whether or not you qualify one life-style as more right or wrong. I’m also curious which modes you will incorporate. I think it’d be great to include some interview with your father!

  3. What type of home do you see this piece ending up in? Online? In print? I definitely wouldn’t limit yourself to a page maximum just yet until you find the correct home for your project. For instance, your comparative analysis could find itself in a scholarly book on the topic in which long-form would be appropriate. You never know!
    I’m glad you finally decided on a topic and I can’t wait to see where the re-purposing project takes you!

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