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This project has been eye-opening for me to this point. After day 2 when we were learning about the project I was pretty nervous, but I had no freaking idea what we were even supposed to do. But over time, and probably thanks to good pacing in class, we have learned about each different aspect of the project, tried our hand at a few, and ultimately saw how they will fuse into the final project. This combined with looking at strong examples and friends past E-portfolios has helped me to understand what I need to do. I guess this was eye opening to me because I thought, as I have experienced with almost all previous classes, we would be told exactly what to do with a very detailed project sheet. Instead, we were shown and taught what an E-portfolio is and what goes into it, and then given a chance to really go anywhere from there. So I certainly enjoyed this because it allows me to talk about sports. Something so important to who I am, but I almost never get to explore through writing in school.

So far my project has gone well. It was a little daunting picking the piece of writing I am going to use for the entire semester, but I think I made a good choice. So far, I have begun writing or outlining my piece. Right now what I think I need most is just some time dedicated to just writing and getting all my crazy and scrambled thoughts on paper soon I can soon start to craft the shitiest first draft. This is one of my favorite parts of writing, especially compared to later stages of the process where I feel sometimes I am cutting more than I am adding. So far I have luckily not encountered any roadblocks, but I am sure there are many to come. I kind of like roadblocks actually because I feel like they are what make your paper. I think it plays on the idea that writing is an ongoing process where the views you have when you start writing can change and evolve.

The one concern I do have is writing in a genre I have never written before. Sports journalism usually consists of short segments (not sure if this is the right word) instead of paragraphs. Some can be as short as a single sentence. While this makes for great flow within the piece, I am a little worried because I feel like I have only ever written in paragraphs for class. You know, topic sentence, introduce the evidence, evidence, analysis and all that jazz. I also have been known in the past to write longish paragraphs which will not work for this genre. Because of that, this is the genre convention, and part of the project that I am most worried about.

2 thoughts to “Blogging Your Process”

  1. I love how you are incorporating your passion for sports in this project and I think you will find it easier to write about a subject you have such a strong admiration for. The genre conventions may be different, but do not let that scare you off from writing a shitty first draft with long paragraphs and incorrect formatting. You are 100% right – writing is an ongoing process This is something I have had to remind myself while fumbling through my re-purposing ideas, as well. I like how you embrace roadblocks in writing. I have never put much thought into how hitting roadblock actually does result in some of the best material. So accept the challenge of this new platform – even if the whole genre feels like a roadblock.

  2. I also look forward to getting that initial shitty first draft out there. As Lamont and Anna alike suggested, this draft will obviously not be perfect (or even great), so I would suggest putting your fears about conforming to the structure of journalism to the side for now and just let yourself write. Once all of your ideas are out in front of you, then you can always sift through them and format accordingly. I think we as a class have shared in your fears of not knowing what the hell we were doing in our initial stages, but Shelley has done an excellent job in assigning us bits and pieces to help us through. You seem to be very passionate about your subject matter, and I think that that will really come through in your writing and make for a really great piece!

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