Blogging Your Process

After much debate, I finally settled on a creative non-fiction short story for my re-purposing project. Trying to write my own life into a narrative and greater story line has been more challenging than expected. While still writing in the first person as I would typically do in any other personal essay, I have been struggling to finesse my language and dialogue in order to lengthen the overall point and draw in the reader’s interest. It is difficult to step outside of myself and write about perhaps the simplest of events in a more interesting and dynamic manner that a short story demands.

The other day I finally sat down and attempted to start out my first shitty first draft. It took me a while but I finally constructed a paragraph, but I spent wayyyy too much time editing the words the second after I put them on the page. I would like to try to let my consciousness flow more and edit later, in order to prevent my compulsion for perfection from censoring my creative flow. I think so far the most success I’ve found in the project is my success as starting out my piece right smack in the middle of the main event. In order to get myself there, I crafted a typically introduction and after some consultation, simply deleted the context that had come before the meat of the paragraph.

Overall I hope to continue to power through the difficulties that come with constructing a narrative, trying my best to save the editing for later in order to access thoughts that might not have otherwise been given the opportunity to sit on the page.

One thought to “Blogging Your Process”

  1. I’m having trouble getting into my flow as well. I find myself writing sentences with generic, expected structure. I wish I knew how to snap out of that and suddenly become a better writer. Maybe the solution, as you said, is to let go. Although, even that is easier said then done. Is there anything else you do when you feel stuck?

    I like what you say about needing to start in the middle of the action. I think beginning your work on a fun note will lead to longer-lasting brain stamina. Good luck with your first draft!

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