Drafting and Revising My Project

Until this point I have put any thoughts of my ePortfolio on the back burner. In part, because the re-purposing and re-mediation projects have been enough to think about, but also because I am not quite sure what I want the final product to look like. It’s easy to imagine what parts one and two of the project will look like in the end, but visualizing the greater ePortfolio is definitely more of a challenge. Do I want it to have a theme dictated by my re-purposing and re-mediation projects? If this were the case then my third artifact would have to somehow fit into the category of female empowerment or the consequences of beauty standards. Looking back at the work I have saved, I’m not sure anything fits that mold.

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The chapter on “Drafting and Revising Your Project” made me think more specifically about the numerous steps that will help me take my individual pieces and create an online portfolio that presents them in a united front. Whether I have a central theme or no theme at all I will still need to consider the layout, visual elements, fonts, color schemes, and all of the other elements that contribute to a polished ePortfolio. I want my ePortfolio to be a representation of who I am, which is perhaps asking too much. Maybe instead I should try and make it representative of my values and interests. That would make choosing my third artifact easier, because it doesn’t have to explicitly relate to my re-purposing and re-mediation as long as it embodies something that is important to me.

The section of the chapter that discussed techniques on moving from a rough cut to a rough draft really got me thinking about how I want to make my ePortfolio interactive. One idea I have to make my re-mediation interactive (after I have finished the rough-cut and placed it on my ePortfolio) is to have a scroll-over feature that allows readers to view more in depth analysis of my artistic choices. For example if I have a subtitle on my magazine cover that says, “Find the sunscreen that’s right for you!” viewers can scroll over it and read a longer description of why I chose to say that. I think interactivity is a key element of an ePortfolio, because it engages the reader and helps them better understand your message. I’m excited to see where these thoughts and ideas take me.

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