Drafting and Revising My Project

In terms of my ePortfolio, it’s interesting to think of it as its own entity, separate from my Re-Purposing and Re-Mediation projects. While we have mostly focused on these two projects so far in class, I think it is good to step away from them and focus on a greater objective of the class: creating an ePortfolio. I have never created an online website to showcase my writing, and it was nice to read through the “Drafting and Revising Your Project” chapter of Writer/Designer to ease my mind a bit about the drafting process of my website. For instance, I should focus on getting an outline of my content¬†into my ePortfolio before I worry about specific aspects such as fonts, navigation, and images.¬†While the ePortfolio feels like the last assignment for this class, I know that the skills I will gain in the Re-Purposing and Re-Mediation will definitely help me handle the multimodal aspects of a website.

A point from the chapter that stuck out to me was being conscious of the purpose that my ePortfolio conveys through its organizational and navigational features. While the layout of a website doesn’t always feel relevant to the content, I think it should be in mine. If there is another multimodal way to show my purpose for writing, I would love to practice using it. I hope that through some drafting and revising, my ePortfolio will come to be a portrayal of my writing style and purpose.

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  1. Lucia, I totally agree with you! I think now is the perfect time to take a step back and look at our objective for the class and our e-portfolios. Hopefully – at least for me – looking at the bigger picture will help me tie my pieces together and force me to deeply consider the aesthetic I want my blog to have.
    I actually haven’t even started thinking about things like fonts size and titles, and I am glad you brought that into the forefront of my mind. It is 100% true that something has simple has font and size can drastically change the audience’s perception of a piece. I look forward to working with you towards our final products!

  2. Your blog posts echoed a lot of my exact thoughts. What has previously been about smaller assignment with more specific direction, it is now time to take a moment to think more about our greater purpose in the minor. Why do we write? What do we write about? What do we want our writing to say? All of these are important questions that will come to inform our eportfolios as we grow. Don’t get too bogged down thinking about being unfamiliar with a website adaption of your writing, but perhaps image it as an anthology or bound collection of your work perhaps aided by technology. I look forward to seeing how your eportfolio ends up!

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