Re-Purposing Project: Blogging Your Process

I am happy to say that I finally feel confident in my re-purposing project.  The past few class meetings I found myself questioning my purpose, my goals, and what the hell I was even trying to say.  So let me try my best to do so here: I will be re-purposing my original piece of writing (a comparative analysis on invisible illnesses and portraits) to become a personal narrative titled: “Confessions of a College Student: My Mom Has MS.”  It will read similar to how an Odyssey article might read.  I want to confess what it is like to have a parent with an invisible illness while in college.  I think I can do this with a sense of humor which will make the tone of the piece so much different from my original essay.  See a similar layout here.  Here are just a few of the confessions I have been playing around with:

  1. When I was a freshman, a guy I had been seeing asked me over text to tell him something about myself.  I told him my mom had Multiple Sclerosis (first off, nice going Anna you really know how to get the boyz) and he replied, “woah I have scoliosis i think” We didn’t last long.
  2. I have faked limped after parking our car in the handicapped parking space just so people do not give dirty looks to my mom. I wish I was lying.

I have yet to start my actual piece because that would mean that I have my life together.  So naturally, I have yet to start writing.  All I have right now are ideas and an annotated bibliography (which surprisingly was very helpful to make).  BUT, I will begin writing soon – and by soon I mean after I turn in the two papers that are due on Monday.  I think my biggest roadblock right now is formatting the piece.  I want to make sure I am not remediating it and that I am solely repurposing it.  Let me know if me making my re-purposed piece into a potential article is actually the worst thing to do and not re-purposing at all.  I can always shift away from that format and stick to traditional style writing.

If I am allowed to play around with this idea of making an Odyssey article come to life, I will have to then learn how to format the page and how to incorporate photos to add to my tone.  As I begin to think more about this, I can envision my finished product turning out similar to the “Shadow Syllabus” in the sense of its format and style. This stylistic choice would no longer mimic an Odyssey article so if that was considered “re-mediating” I would be in the clear. (Again, someone let me know if that’s a real concern).

Overall, I am happy about what I am re-purposing.  I am excited to see how it turns out and I am looking forward to changing the tone of my original piece into something more witty yet effective.

2 thoughts to “Re-Purposing Project: Blogging Your Process”

  1. I really liked how you talked about feeling good about your paper even though you haven’t started writing. I too felt not very confident in my idea but after flushing it out and talking about it in class I feel very good about it even though I have yet to start really writing it. I think your paper is set up to be really successful. I liked that you included in this blog experiences you are actually going to include in your piece because I felt like I started to get a feel for what the final may look like. I think you are going to do a great job telling your story in a humorous way because this blog post was pretty funny and your example stories were hilarious. I think you are in a really good place right now and I look forward to reading what you write!

  2. Like Grant, I also look forward to reading your piece and think that you will have no problem being able to shift it into a more humorous light. I have been having similar thoughts and doubts where I think to myself, am I re-purposing or re-mediating? Am I doing both? I think your idea will totally work for this re-purposing assignment nonetheless. I think that would be really cool to see your finished product looking similar to the Shadow Syllabus. Breaking it up into short numbered sections would definitely help give it that more relaxed, comical tone and flow that you mentioned wanting to have. Most of all, it’s really good that you are happy with the way that your piece is turning out. This minor is about you and your writing, so your opinion matters most of all.

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