Zeno’s Paradox

Zeno’s paradox of dichotomy, as I understand it, asserts that due to the fact that any finite distance can be infinitely halved, no such distance can be traveled. Therefore motion is an impossibility, which I suppose would make all motion an illusion. I honestly can’t disprove the theory that our reality may not be as it seems, but given the assumption that everything we’re seeing does exist, the theory seems pretty easy to disprove. The fact that motion occurs at all disproves the theory in itself. But if I’m trying to be a little more technical with it, the fact that a distance can be divided infinitely does not suddenly make that distance infinite. By Zeno’s logic one would be more capable of traveling an infinite distance (given the fact that it is mathematically indivisible) but not capable of walking ten feet. Get outta here Zeno.

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