Enjoyable Reading

The key to enjoyable reading is enjoyable content. I could be in a noisy cafe, on a bumpy car ride, in the middle of the jungle, on a beach or in my bed — if I like the book the setting isn’t going to matter to me. That being said, my favorite environment to read a really good book in is my bed at night. I don’t need tea or a snack or music, just time. I love that feeling of being so invested in the book that nothing outside of that moment matters. I forget that I’m in my bed at home and that I have to wake up for my 9am class and instead feel like I’m right alongside the characters in whatever fantasy land they’re in. Often I’ll look ahead and count how many pages are in the next few chapters to decide if I need to mentally prepare myself to stop reading or if I can squeeze in a few more chapters before going to sleep. However if I’m not really enjoying the content of the book, when I put it down after giving it a try or two I’ll probably never pick it up again. My attention span for just an “okay” book is relatively low, but when I actually really like the book I make every effort to pick it up again no matter the setting.



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