Anne Reading? Heh.

The most difficult part of reading for me is sticking with it. If I read a book, I have to read it in one sitting or have a few days available for me to delve into it. If I don’t, then the issue arises of me trying to start where I left off, not remembering what happened prior, having to re-read the portion I had already read previously, and then normally giving up before reaching any new material because I get bored.

Ways to solve this issue:

  • Allow a large time slot and provide myself with a cozy place to lay down to read. This normally occurs in the summertime at my cottage where there are no obligations, pure sunshine all the time, and the nice background music of Lake Huron.
  • Find better books. I like to try new books all the time that aren’t popularly read or very well known. While this works out often, it also doesn’t work out often. Doing more research about what I’m reading could potentially eliminate the disappointments of some books and rid myself of the hit to my motivation to read.
  • Staying away from people. Literally no one in my life ever stops talking. My mother, Abby, you name it. I either need to buy some muzzles or follow the cheaper route of just locking myself somewhere away from humanity for a little while.

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