Reading: Expectation vs. Reality edition

Looking back on our discussion this past Tuesday, I came to a short summary of my relationship with reading: “Ideal Lindsay” reads a lot more than “Reality Lindsay” does.

Similar to what Minji shared in class, I have attempted multiple times to label myself as a “reader” in order to hold myself accountable, with little luck. Often I find myself reading online articles and essays that I can get through in 5-10 minutes, but rarely am I successful in reading a novel in a reasonable amount of time (i.e. NOT over than a month). Short online articles and essays satisfy my need to read to stay relevant or somewhat invest my interests, but reading actual novels seems almost indulgent to me.

Having said that,  whether I am reading essays for class, articles on online blogs, or REALLY treating myself and dedicating time to an entire novel or magazine, a cozy, relaxing environment is key for me. Basically, my ideal reading environment is something right out of a holiday-edition home furnishing catalog. Think candles, a big chair, warm lighting, a hot beverage, maybe with a dog lounging by a nearby fireplace. Sadly, on a typical college-student’s budget, I have recognized that this ideal is not attainable. As a result, I can be found reading at Sweetwaters on Main St. or in the Michigan Union study lounge at night with a coffee in hand–a latte if I’m feeling crazy.

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