Why I Blog: Revisited

In comparison to Didion and Orwell’s Why I Write pieces, Sullivan explores the dynamics of blogging. Sullivan describes a “spontaneous expression of instant thought,” in comparison to heavily edited and developed essays for print. Sullivan doesn’t necessarily address why he writes but more why he chooses to blog. The medium gives him a new way to express his ideas, to leave them open to interpretation and critique from all readers. He sees the instant and un-proofread process as a drug a stark comparison to the world of essays and columns he used to reside in. The value of realtime writing and interaction is extremely vital to Sullivan’s overall process of writing, leaving himself and his work vulnerable to conceptual info or all out negative comments.

While I believe Sullivan argues for a medium, Didion and Orwell describe overall motive for writing. While I didn’t necessarily align myself with Orwell’s reasons for writing he made a good point that the job of a writer is to make sure a bad mood is not incessantly penetrated throughout all works. The job of a writer is to make sure that our emotional attitudes evolve with the times, to prevent ourselves from remaining immature about the past. I think my overall goal throughout the minor is to work at my emotional attitude, to ensure that I’m not only improving in my technical skills as a writer but that I am evolving as a young adult. Despite the past that I’ve lived and the past that I’ve used as inspiration for much if not all of my work it is important that I don’t let my past define me. As I write I hope I write to an understanding where I can mature and become more comfortable in my own skin. I hope to write about the present in a way that isn’t shadowed from my attitude and reflection on the past. The storm cloud should not follow me as I continue to make my way to graduation.



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