Advice For the Future

We cannot control or predict everything; in fact, things often turn out to be the complete opposite of what we might think they will be at the beginning. I wish I had realized and accepted this earlier, because I think my biggest setback was that I was trying so hard to envision the final product, that I allowed that vision to dominate and control the direction of my projects, even when my writing was telling me something different. Throughout this denial or confusion or whatever you want to call it, I learned that it really is okay to panic. It is okay to be lost and confused and feel like you have no idea what you are trying to say or accomplish or who you are trying to be. Something I have always liked about myself is that I am a planner – I am always the first to step up to organize an event and make sure that every plan is executed smoothly and properly – and I have always thought about my writing as a place where my planning excels, and my collection of messy and clean outlines has rarely failed me. However, writing is also a place where you just need to go with the flow; sometimes, words on paper can say something completely different than whatever was happening in your mind when you first picked up the pen. Nothing is ever what you think it will be when you first begin to plan, and trying to fit your writing to your original plan instead of allowing your plan to change is the biggest mistake you can make. This semester, it was the biggest mistake I made. But, it’s not too late. It’s never too late to allow yourself to change.

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  1. Hi Allison,
    I’m really glad I read this piece of advice because I definitely feel like I’m trying to establish so early what my paper/project will consist of and it’s nice to hear advice to sort of embrace the panic and the unknown. Being in the capstone course, this freedom in writing is still quite new to me, but your advice definitely made me feel more comfortable already. Thanks for sharing your advice and good luck with your future writing endeavors.

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