An ePortfolio At Last!

It is done! After so much writing and revision and overall Googling when I could not get the webpage to work, my ePortfolio is up and ready for viewing.

This semester, I would say that the biggest way that I have grown as a writer is that I have really learned that I have the power to control what I write about. After years of high school writing papers assigned by teachers and the past couple of years of undergrad writing only professionally/technically, I have given myself a chance to open up and let my writing be about me. I have also learned to let my audience for this writing also be me, as the primary purpose for this writing is for me to be proud of it and enjoy what I have done. Looking back at my ePortfolio, I am proud of the work that I have put together over the past semester and the effort and hours that I put in, and as long as I am proud of my own writing then that is all that matters.

This ties into the idea of perfectionism that I also have about my writing and everything else that I do, and I want to continue to build on this throughout the minor. I want to reach a point where I am always proud of my work not just when I have had a moment of inspiration, but just knowing the time and effort that I have put in should be enough.

With this, I would like to continue to add onto my voice in my writing in future semesters of writing classes. If I am writing primarily for myself, then hopefully it will be easier for that true voice to come out and be known to everyone else. This major that I have may for the most part be for getting a job, but this minor is for me.

Check out my ePort here!

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