It is over, it is really over. Today feels like it has been one of the longest days of my life. It has been full of last minute editing, making sure I have met every requirement and making sure the E-Portfolio looks and functions successfully. I should also mention I got my wisdom teeth out today. Terrible scheduling aside, getting them out was a nice break from stressing over my E-Portfolio. So as I write this I am lying in bed, intermittenly replacing the bloody gauze in my mouth and fighting the urge to take a pain killer like I was instructed because I am afraid it may compromise my ability finish this project the entire semester has been leading towards. So I will continue to fight through the pain, mainly because of how proud I am of the product I just created. The portfolio I made and am turning in now blows away all the expectations I had in the begining of the semester. Wix and I had our battles, some which I did not win, if you can find where it says “I am busy working on my blog posts, watch this space” you win a prize. Another battle I lost was not finding a way to include my teacher feedback when I was breaking down my piece by piece process for my repurposing essat. I could not find a way to transfer the feedback from Canvas to Wix in a way that was at all intuative or reader friendly, so ufortunatly I was not able to figure out how to achieve that requirement.

But that does not mean I am any less proud about the E-Portfolio I am now sharing with the world. I am incredibly excited to have a living website that represents me online. I eagerly await the chance to show it to friends and family. One thing I will really take away from this class is considering my audience more when I write. When I am talking to someone in person, I am always letting what I think and know about the other person influence what I say and the arguments I make. I do not know why I never tried to take this same mindset to writing, and this is something I hope to continue to improve on as continue with my minor in writing.

So without further ado, here it is:

Read, think, enjoy and feel encouraged to leave comments or ask questions on my site.

It was a tremendous semester, and good luck to everyone in our class as we continue through the minor!


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