Hello my people!

I am so excited (and ready) to announce that my ePortfolio has not driven me completely mad, but has tested my patience and self-motivation. It has been a long time coming, and by long time, I mean I cranked this out in the last 2 weeks. Regardless, I am so proud of how this website turned out. I could spend hours and hours editing its appearance, but I need to just sit back and let it be. I am happy with how it looks, so I should just chill out.

This semester, I have learned more about tone and audience than I thought I would. ¬†Going into this project, I was always unsure of what tone I was going to go with. Do I take the serious route, the funny route, or the sentimental road? It was truly conflicting and I found myself going back and forth between many ideas. When I expressed my concern to Shelley, I finally realized that I didn’t need to be constrained to a certain tone. In fact, I could pick many different tones and allow them all to stand on their own. This was refreshing and such a relief. It is once I stopped worrying about my tone, that my tone began to form. Suddenly, my pieces were falling together even if they were unique in and of themselves. I took an honest approach, one that I was unfamiliar with.

This approach gave me the liberty to say what I wanted and how I wanted. I found myself having the most fun with the blog portion of my site. This, once dreaded feature, became the home of all my reflective pieces. I feel like I will keep adding to it even after this class. Between now and capstone, I would like to continue building upon this honest approach. I think it has strengthen my writing in more ways than one. I sure have had a fun time with it.

So, welcome to my ePortfolio – “MS is a Bitch,” it has been a wild ride.

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