Introducing my ePortfolio

After a long semester of hard work and strenuous editing, my ePortfolio has finally arrived. It was certainly a long process getting to this point but what a rewarding journey it was. I walked into the Minor in Writing hoping to find a conveniently placed haven right in the middle of my school day, a time for me to be alone with myself on paper. I found that haven and more. For the first time since I’ve truly enjoyed writing I began to workshop my pieces with other people. As we grew attached to each other’s work, it made it easier to ask for feedback in order to make my writing the best it could be.

In the simplest of ways, I have grown this semester because I can now comfortably call myself a writer. I officially study writing in school and therefore by default I am in fact a writer. It took me some time to become one with this identifier but now that I have, I fully embrace all that it implies.

Between now and the capstone, I hope to grow the narrative I created with my re-purposing piece. Perhaps maybe I’ll even find myself with a small collection of essays that can be packaged together. I want to explore submitting my work from Gateway to other publications.

So here we are, the end of the semester.  I find myself on the cusp of a new reality as I prepare to study in the UK for the next six months. On my travels I hope to keep extensive records by way of blogging. Maybe I’ll even add a blog feed to my ePortfolio.

All in all I’m beyond proud of what I’ve created.


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