Letter to Future Gateway Students

Future Minor in Writing gateway students,

I hope you enjoy the learning that comes with the gateway course. Learning about others, yourself, and your writing process. Every writing class has felt impactful to me, but this one feels especially so, considering the type of work that was done in this class. All projects required some reflections, because they were either products of previous works or an essay about why I write. Without this class, I would not know as much about my own writing as I do now.

My biggest takeaway from the course has been using multiple modes to exercise my creativity and convey my arguments. I am used to writing in a word document and shaping my essay around a prompt. However, in this class I was able to write about anything I wanted that stemmed from a previous piece of writing. This gave me a lot of liberty in choosing what would inspire me to think in different modes as well as what just plain interests me.

The most challenging part of the class is juggling all of the different projects, especially at the end of the semester. Due dates aren’t really a thing, unless you make your own.

Because I failed to make my own due dates, I am now sitting here on the last day of class feeling that “oh shit” feeling because I have to somehow revise all my projects and put them on my ePortfolio, which is at a rough stage to say the most. If I could do this class over again, I would tell myself to make due dates a priority.

What surprised me the most is how easy it was to create my re-mediation and also the website for my ePortfolio. I initially thought that these two projects would be my biggest struggle, but they have turned out to be the most enjoyable ones.

Some practical advice I would give? Use your peers and teacher for feedback, help, etc. Everyone is there to become better writers, which means both learning and teaching. They are invaluable resources!

Finally, I think the most important advice for going into this class is to trust that everything will fall into place, whether you’re stressed about picking a topic that you have to cover the whole semester or you are burnt out over all the assignments. They all have their purpose, and that is to help you realize/explain/think about your purpose for writing.

2 thoughts to “Letter to Future Gateway Students”

  1. My essays have also always been centered around a prompt, and answered strictly in a Word Document. While the idea of incorporating other forms of media scares me, I am eager to see how it affects my writing. I don’t consider myself to be a creative person, but I feel that learning how to add new media will give me the chance to be better at this. I’m so excited to be in the Gateway Cours, and can’t wait to see how my writing changes!

  2. Dear Lucie,

    Thank you so much for your honesty and advice. It is very interesting to hear that you wish you had made due dates for yourself so that you would not have a lot to do last minute, especially because another student’s advice I just read mentioned to stay on top of the work to avoid feeling overwhelmed as well. I will definitely strive to do that this semester. Hope you are having a great year!


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