The End of the Beginning

It feels so good to say I have finished and published my ePortfolio, finally!!! You can see it here if you so choose. After a semester of reflection and hard work, it feels good to have a place that showcases all of that work. While it may seem anticlimactic, I have felt the most growth just now, at the end of the semester. Maybe it’s because designing my ePortfolio required that I looked back on the steps I took to get to my final drafts. While I know that I grew throughout the semester (after all, how else would I have completed all of the projects without a little internal motivation?), I noticed my growth most at the end.

I feel I have grown in becoming a reflective writer. In this class, I had to reflect not on others’ writing so much as my own, which felt different from prior English classes. It gave me the opportunity to think more after I write, which is just as important as thinking (or not thinking) before I write. I thought after writing by re-purposing and re-mediating an original, older writing. Doing these projects allowed me to figure out this whole reflective writing thing we’ve talked so much about in class, from learning why famous authors write to why I write.

I will work more on introducing my voice into my rough drafts, and not falling back on academic language to carry me through a first draft. I noticed that a lot of people in class used the projects to bring out their voice, which is something I would love to do more of in the capstone course.

Overall, I feel like we all accomplished a lot as people and writers in Writing 220. I’m thankful that, in just my first course in the minor, I got to learn so much about myself and about writing, and where the two meet.

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