Welcome to my Mind, Also Known as my ePortfolio

Seeing all of the sample ePortfolios throughout the semester was interesting and inspiring, but I honestly did not really understand the importance of the ePortfolio until I created my own. I understood that the ePortfolios would all be different and customized to everyone’s completely unique and individualized pieces, purposes, and experiences, but I guess I did not really realize how special it could be, or what I would learn about myself during the process of creating it. I knew that at the end of the road, I would have a unique work that I could share with anyone I choose, but I cannot even believe what I have created; I have created a visual database of my mind. As I scroll through the pages, I have a real, tangible experience of moving through my brain, and finding clarity in my thoughts, my experiences, and my life. This makes sense, since all of my projects are centered around the idea of mindful practices and peace of mind, but it is crazy to look at all of these things and think, I created this. I have created something truly special, and no one else could have done it this way. This all came from within me.

This is what learning is supposed to be like in college; this is learning that exists not only inside the classroom, and not only outside the classroom, but also in your mind and your soul. Thank you, Sweetland Center for Writing, for this incredibly special experience, and for creating the next Buddha out of me. To be continued…


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