I can’t believe it’s all over. This class has caused me more stress, sweat, and tears than probably any other this semester (no blood, thankfully). However, I didn’t get the sense of relief that I usually get by finishing the final or turning in the final paper. No, this time I feel accomplishment. This is the culmination of a tough semester, and unlike a paper or even a cumulative final, I actually care about this material (imagine that?). I’ve put so much thought, energy, and time into these assignments that now I’m excited to share it with the rest of the world, even if employers aren’t a part of that world thanks to my stubborn insistence on incorporating Pooh. I never thought that employers would be reading this; it was just for me, because I wanted to and because I could. This has helped me realize that there’s so much more to my writing than just what I’ve been forced to do my whole life, and the awful irony is that it took me being forced to complete it before midnight tonight to realize that. That’s why I feel so accomplished: because I actually wanted to do this, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I hope that now I’ve figured out what this all feels like that I can continue writing just to write, that I can write things that please me just because I want to. Because in the end, what will I remember from college? I have an awful memory, so I can already tell you that I’ve forgotten most of freshman year. But this course, these assignments, this mountain. I won’t forget that, and not just because it’s saved on the Internet forever. So without further ado, I release you!


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