Wrapping it all up…

Well, this is it. I’m done. I feel as though this course has flown by; I have so many more places that I could go with the pieces that I’ve created this past semester.

I would say that there are two categories when it comes to becoming a better writer; the first being how good you are content-wise, and the second being about the fundamentals. Content-wise I grew as a writer this semester because I’m better aware of the fact that people are interested in what I’m really interested in. Throughout the process, my peers just kept asking me for more. More on the specifics regarding my relationship with my sisters, more on what I was feeling at the time, more about the why. On a slightly more boring note, fundamentally, I grew this semester because I have gotten better at playing with my drafts. I have always struggled with heavily revising pieces, letting go of previous brain-children. I like to think that all my first drafts are perfect and don’t need any radical revision, but that is rarely the case.

My blog group played a huge part in how far I’ve come this semester, and I want to take that newfound strength of being able to listen to and trust me peers forward with me onto the capstone. Trusting people, especially when it comes to your personal writing, is scary and hard. It’s difficult to hear people do anything but sing your praises, and, when they don’t, it’s difficult to imagine that they might be right.

I can’t wait to see what the next three semesters in the writing minor have in store for me.

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