Remediation: Hudson

My repurposed paper explores a “boyhood” story of facing anxiety, religious moral code, and virginity from a third-person, transitioning into a first person narrative. As I still look for ways to improve my Repurposed assignment, it’s difficult to pick for certain a new medium for my assignment.

The concept that first strikes me is “Adaptation.” I feel like this could be translated into the medium form of a poem or haiku, emphasizing visual imagery to capture emotion.

Another idea that came to mind would be “Inspiration.” Specifically, I’d want to translate my paper into a cartoon, illustrating emotion and the storyline.

Nothing’s set in stone until I really have a good feeling of the Repurposed final draft, but I like either of these ideas for now, especially the poem because it demands pensive thought for the reader. It also forces me to cut any unnecessary context to make the reader put pieces together.

Let me know what you guys think! Love seeing all of your ideas, too.




Remediation – Josh Flink

Hi Everyone,

For my repurposing draft, I took a psychology research paper about gender stereotypes/egalitarianism in recent Disney movies and repurposed it into a personal piece about the current election. I did so through the lens of Mulan. When thinking about my remediation, a few ideas came to mind. The first is to take multiple songs from Mulan—primarily, I’ll Make a Man Out of You—and adapt those songs into contemporary or satirical videos. It would be a more modern take (in light of the recent election) of these songs. For example, in researching ideas for my repurposing draft, I came across a really inspiring video: ( This video made me rethink the lyrics of the song and what they actually mean. Perhaps I could even go around campus in order to capture different perceptions of what it means to “be a man.” I would do this for other songs as well and insert original music from the soundtrack in these adapted videos.

Because many songs from Mulan are so relevant to how many women and individuals are feeling today AND is also very misrepresented of how women and individuals are feelings today, I am thinking about transforming my repurposing draft into a slam poem or monologue that would complement my repurposing draft. The messages that exist in Mulan are so powerful. I think a slam poem that bridges various quotes from the movie with various quotes from the current president, sentiments his supporters, opinions from those that oppose him, and my own personal reflections could make for a nice complement.

Remediation Idea: Ethan Wolfe

I repurposed a feature I wrote for the Michigan Daily about a senior/captain of the Michigan women’s basketball team. She is a player who doesn’t play that often, but is viewed as a leader on the team despite lack of game time. As a result, I used her story as one of many in a widened piece about the role of the benchwarmer in sports, and how they are relevant at all levels for both the team, player, and fan.

I was struggling to think of a feasible idea for remediation, so my current thinking is subject to change (especially since I have multiple ideas). But I think it could be very intriguing to adapt my piece by writing either a TV sitcom script,  a children’s books to teach the message I hoped to convey in my original piece, or instead of using real-world comparisons I write a short story about a personal experience of mine. I think any of those three ideas would be a more succinct way of spreading the theme of my original draft. My indecisiveness about one particular idea stems from my limitations on time, ideas, and if I could adapt it in a relevant manner. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Remediation Ideas – Sanika Babtiwale

Hi everyone,

My repurposing piece was a discussion circle of Buddhist goddesses in a script form. Since one of this piece’s functions is to be read aloud, I am thinking of adapting it to a podcast format. I would like to make this piece more expressive by doing a table-read because I think people will be able to grasp the emotions I have evoked in my script. When I first thought of this idea, I remembered how people would listen to the radio for plays, stories, etc. being read aloud before the T.V. came about. I want to recreate that feeling through my script, and since goddesses are thought of as mystical, I feel this is the perfect medium.

Another idea I have is to translate my work into a poem or diary entry. I could describe the goddesses’ personalities in a haiku format, but I think the ideas from the script would be lost in this platform. For the diary entry, I would discuss the conversation in the script from each of the goddesses’ point of view, but I think that would be redundant.

I am still on the lookout for other ideas, so please let me know if there is another medium I should consider!


Remediation Ideas- Steve Brown

My repurposing project was on a personal narrative that I wrote in English 125 about my experiences after being diagnosed with leukemia. I repurposed my narrative into a letter written three years after the diagnosis to my 17-year old self waiting to hear that I had cancer. The letter is intended to be readable by anyone roughly my age at the time (15-23 years old) that has just been diagnosed. My hope is that the letter would assure a new patient that by staying positive, they will eventually conquer their disease and develop a stronger outlook on life because of it.


For a remediation, I thought that I could adapt my letter into a handbook. This handbook would not only what to expect physically from treatment, but how best to handle your diagnosis socially and mentally. When I was originally diagnosed, I made sure my friends knew that I would be angry if they treated me any differently because I was sick. As such, I wanted them to bust me and make fun of me just the same way they would if I wasn’t sick. This strategy along with others normalized my life as much as possible. I think advice on how to handle difficult social situations during this time would be helpful to a young adult balancing the stresses of treatment.


Another idea I had was to translate my personal narrative into a children’s book. This book would be directed towards a younger audience than the one I am addressing in my repurposing and could be helpful for parents explaining the nature of a cancer diagnosis to a child that is young, but old enough to understand some of what is happening to them. This book would of course be positive and could also be shared with classmates and friends of a younger child that do not understand the situation that their friend is going through.

Remediation Idea – Janine Kerr

Hey everyone!

When we started discussing the remediation components in class, I had a very quick first idea pop into my head so that’s the one I’m going to roll with for now. My repurposed piece was/is taking a research paper on the FDA’s ban on gay men giving blood and turning it into something of an editorial discussing why the ban is no longer necessary, how its continued existence is seated deeply in discrimination, and how it has negatively impacted people of the MSM (men who have sex with men) community today.

While I’m currently studying environmental science the goal is to get my masters in public health. I have always wanted to give blood but can’t (I’m anemic), so an idea I have for my remediation is a complement – either a PSA style video or short written informational piece on how important giving blood is, and how every eligible blood donor should make an effort to donate blood each year. I think it would be really fun to carry this assignment into the realm of the other things I’m interested in studying, seeing as blood donation is absolutely Public Health and it fits in with my repurposed piece. Excited to hear your thoughts!


Remediation Ideas- Lauren Royce

My original piece was a letter to Jessica Valenti, a feminist author and blogger who I see as perpetuating a dialogue that spreads ineffective and negativity rather than effective negativity or optimism about women’s value and capabilities. I think if I were to take the letter and translate it into audio, it could be drastically improved because I would be able to use inflections in my voice and tone more effectively.

However, because I prefer my new piece, which is an opinion piece, I think I would prefer to complement it by adding more content and creating a collage with the original content of my opinion piece and a variety of quotes from women I interview about what being a woman means to them and how they see it affecting their lives. This would give me a broader perspective and a more personal presentation.

I also think that I could create a compilation of short-stories inspired by my opinion piece. The short-stories would all allow the reader to follow a woman throughout her day. The reader could be in their heads and experience what she is experiencing. This form would also allow me to broaden my scope with more perspectives than my own.

Remediation Idea- Casey Lyons

Hi, everyone!

My repurposing is based off an article I wrote about an ad that empowers yet pathologizes women simultaneously through the various communication techniques employed throughout the ad. As I went through draft after draft, it became a very sarcastic piece that ended with a plea for the general public to understand the importance of equality amongst all sexes in the world, a piece you would find in a feminist magazine such as Bust.

For my remediation of this piece, I came up with a couple of ideas! First, I thought about translating it into a speech one might come across at one of the women’s marches. Yet, the more I think about it, this may be more of a complement because I’d rather not reproduce the information regarding the advertising techniques but just touch on the bigger picture: the lack of equality. I have also thought about translating it into a letter to a governmental figure instead of a speech but still utilizing the same ideas.

My main goal in my remediation is to step away from the advertisement itself and focus on the societal issue that is at hand regarding inequality amongst the sexes. I’ve thought pretty hard about where you see these issues, and one that stuck out in my mind would be a Ted talk transcript, but taking it further from a translation to a complement.

Excited to hear what you all think!

Remediation- Two Ideas

For my remediation, I’m leaning towards an adaptation or a complement style. My repurposed piece is grounded in the theme of silence and is organized as a series of vignettes. The vignettes follow a woman at different moments in her life as she experiences silence in various capacities (5 sections). I also offer another perspective at the end of each section from one of the other characters in the respective section.

This piece is missing silence. I mean, it is all words. So that is a big hole. And I think that, to avoid verbalizing this idea of silence again, I’m going to create a visual piece. Additionally, I am trying to encompass many forms of silence, and because different people experience totally different varieties of silence, I am failing by following only one individual. Or, partially succeeding. Can’t decide if the glass is half full or half empty today…

For an adaptation, I might create a video of people talking/interacting without sound. This would allow the viewer to focus on body language during these interactions. I would show a variety of situations with a variety of individuals. This minimizes the hole caused by my not being able to encompass many forms of silence through my vignettes. And this might be more successful if the individuals in the video are not talking at all…

A possible complement: a dance. Although I would only have one individual dancing, the individual is not meant to represent one entity. Instead, the dance is meant to draw attention to fluidity and movement. This would remove the “failure to encompass many forms of silence” hole. I would include music in this case- the dance is meant to represent the fluidity of silence, so the presence of sound should not affect the overall  message. The problem with this is that I’d need to find a dancer or perform a dance myself (not sure how that would go…). I’m going to try to think of other possible complements in the meantime!

Remediation Idea – Empathy Letter

Hey everyone –

Early in the writing process I decided I was going to take the main topic of empathy my final paper from my English 125 and apply it to today’s issues arguing against the nominations for the president’s cabinet members. Specifically, I would use the topic of empathy to inspire constituents to call their senators and voice their disapproval of Senator Sessions as the Attorney General.

While I think this would be a worthy discussion, the recent executive order banning citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. has gained my attention and inspired me to change my paper again. As it stands now, I want to translate/adapt my original paper on empathy into a letter directed to the those refugees who are being turned away because of Trump’s executive order. I hope to achieve a couple of things with this translation. First and foremost, I want to make it clear that this is not America. America does not turn away those in need, Trump’s America does. I want to apologize that Trump’s America ever came to be. At the same time I also want to inspire hope in the refugees and those who are unfairly being excluded from America and show that the protests and dissent is powerful and will lead to true America coming through.

I will write this letter to the refugees, and they will be a part of the intended audience, but I also want the citizens of America to be a part of the audience. I plan on taking the empathy piece from the first paper and using it as inspiration to create a call to action among Americans to continue to protest and resist Trump’s America.

Thanks for reading!

– Justin