Hello! I am back!

Hello Writing Community! My name is Chloe, and I am a senior at U of M. Wow, that is weird to think about… and it is even weirder that this my last semester… and these are the last four months that I will most likely ever live in Michigan. But no worries, I plan to return for many game day weekends (shoutout to my little brother… hopefully, he has an extra couch I can sleep on).

Throughout my time at Michigan, I have been involved in many different writing communities. However, the most specific transformation occurred last year. At this time, I began the Minor in Writing and started taking upper level courses. In the Gateway course, I felt that I had freedom to express my thoughts and feelings. I had the ability to expand my writing abilities. This was exciting. Controversially, my major, Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN), requires very specific, scientific work in APA style. My method of writing was restricted, and I no longer had the freedom to write as I prefer.

In the beginning, I struggled with the transition. I was unable to produce quality work in APA style. I was use to freely expressing my thoughts without barriers. However, over time, I was able to write efficiently in APA style. This transition was difficult, but very beneficial. I learned how to limit my thoughts in order to express precise and exact statements. I learned how to cater my writing to different communities.

In order to succeed in one writing community, I needed alter my writing from another. I am thankful for this experience because I have learned how to tailor my writing to the desired requirements. I believe that belonging to different writing communities enhanced my skills.



2 thoughts to “Hello! I am back!”

  1. Hey Chloe,
    I’m glad we are in the same class again, and I look forward to reading more of your writing. I can relate to the difficulty of the freedom of the Gateway course versus the rigidity of more academic or argumentative writing. In my Sociology major and Political Science minor, I also have had to navigate how to write with a lot of rules and constraints in place. I think that what you’re saying about the gateway versus other academic writing is also one of the points the article about Erin makes too; sometimes in strict academic settings, writers feel like they lose their voice. I can also relate to your point that it is still a good experience writing in APA, because there is definitely value in learning how to write a formal, academic essay. I think it is important to have different communities that teach us different things.

  2. Hi Chloe,
    I can definitely relate to feeling constrained by a certain writing format. Last semester, I took an upper-level political science class. The last class I took in that department was three years ago. I had not used APA style at all during those years off, and I essentially had to re-learn the formatting for this class. Exploring APA style definitely improved my writing, but it also came with a considerable learning curve for me.

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