Minor In Writing Introduction – Elise Vocke

About the Author: Elise Vocke is currently a sophomore at the University of Michigan pursuing a degree in International Studies with the Sweetland Minor in Writing through the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. She also is receiving a Certification in Sales and Marketing from the Ross School of Business. She loves to sing and explore new places in her free time, while also catching up on Glee episodes on Netflix even though the show was popular a few years ago and is now over. Her favorite image of herself is picturing her walking around in a big city with stylish sunglasses and cute boots.


Further, she enjoys watching movies and musicals when she does not have commitments or homework. Some of her favorite movies include Dead Poet’s Society, It’s a Wonderful Life, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Amadeus, Irrational Man, Magic in the Moonlight, and Vicky Christina Barcelona. In her writing, she focuses mainly on historical fiction due to her love of learning about the past. She finds history classes so intellectually stimulating.
Elise is in the Sweetland Minor in Writing program because she can express herself in writing. She wants to hone in on being able to communicate her feelings and emotions effectively to her target audiences. Writing well is vital for being successful in any field. Not only that, but creative writing in particular is very enjoyable for her, and she can write in her spare time her entire life. As people get older, they are limited in the amount of physical activity they can do, but they will still be able to write whatever they desire.

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