Remediation: Hudson

My repurposed paper explores a “boyhood” story of facing anxiety, religious moral code, and virginity from a third-person, transitioning into a first person narrative. As I still look for ways to improve my Repurposed assignment, it’s difficult to pick for certain a new medium for my assignment.

The concept that first strikes me is “Adaptation.” I feel like this could be translated into the medium form of a poem or haiku, emphasizing visual imagery to capture emotion.

Another idea that came to mind would be “Inspiration.” Specifically, I’d want to translate my paper into a cartoon, illustrating emotion and the storyline.

Nothing’s set in stone until I really have a good feeling of the Repurposed final draft, but I like either of these ideas for now, especially the poem because it demands pensive thought for the reader. It also forces me to cut any unnecessary context to make the reader put pieces together.

Let me know what you guys think! Love seeing all of your ideas, too.




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