Remediation Idea- Casey Lyons

Hi, everyone!

My repurposing is based off an article I wrote about an ad that empowers yet pathologizes women simultaneously through the various communication techniques employed throughout the ad. As I went through draft after draft, it became a very sarcastic piece that ended with a plea for the general public to understand the importance of equality amongst all sexes in the world, a piece you would find in a feminist magazine such as Bust.

For my remediation of this piece, I came up with a couple of ideas! First, I thought about translating it into a speech one might come across at one of the women’s marches. Yet, the more I think about it, this may be more of a complement because I’d rather not reproduce the information regarding the advertising techniques but just touch on the bigger picture: the lack of equality. I have also thought about translating it into a letter to a governmental figure instead of a speech but still utilizing the same ideas.

My main goal in my remediation is to step away from the advertisement itself and focus on the societal issue that is at hand regarding inequality amongst the sexes. I’ve thought pretty hard about where you see these issues, and one that stuck out in my mind would be a Ted talk transcript, but taking it further from a translation to a complement.

Excited to hear what you all think!

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