Remediation Idea – Empathy Letter

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Early in the writing process I decided I was going to take the main topic of empathy my final paper from my English 125 and apply it to today’s issues arguing against the nominations for the president’s cabinet members. Specifically, I would use the topic of empathy to inspire constituents to call their senators and voice their disapproval of Senator Sessions as the Attorney General.

While I think this would be a worthy discussion, the recent executive order banning citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. has gained my attention and inspired me to change my paper again. As it stands now, I want to translate/adapt my original paper on empathy into a letter directed to the those refugees who are being turned away because of Trump’s executive order. I hope to achieve a couple of things with this translation. First and foremost, I want to make it clear that this is not America. America does not turn away those in need, Trump’s America does. I want to apologize that Trump’s America ever came to be. At the same time I also want to inspire hope in the refugees and those who are unfairly being excluded from America and show that the protests and dissent is powerful and will lead to true America coming through.

I will write this letter to the refugees, and they will be a part of the intended audience, but I also want the citizens of America to be a part of the audience. I plan on taking the empathy piece from the first paper and using it as inspiration to create a call to action among Americans to continue to protest and resist Trump’s America.

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– Justin

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  1. Hey –

    Meant to do this a long time ago when I realized that I didn’t totally understand the whole idea behind the remediation, but I’m doing it now.

    For the remediation I am thinking that I will create a complement to my repurposing paper. My repurposing paper is basically a letter to refugees affected by Trump’s Executive Order banning Muslims from entering the U.S. In my remediation, I will create a speech to deliver to these people that will hopefully stir up similar emotions that my letter will.

    Thank you and sorry for the confusion!
    – Justin

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