Remediation Idea: Ethan Wolfe

I repurposed a feature I wrote for the Michigan Daily about a senior/captain of the Michigan women’s basketball team. She is a player who doesn’t play that often, but is viewed as a leader on the team despite lack of game time. As a result, I used her story as one of many in a widened piece about the role of the benchwarmer in sports, and how they are relevant at all levels for both the team, player, and fan.

I was struggling to think of a feasible idea for remediation, so my current thinking is subject to change (especially since I have multiple ideas). But I think it could be very intriguing to adapt my piece by writing either a TV sitcom script,  a children’s books to teach the message I hoped to convey in my original piece, or instead of using real-world comparisons I write a short story about a personal experience of mine. I think any of those three ideas would be a more succinct way of spreading the theme of my original draft. My indecisiveness about one particular idea stems from my limitations on time, ideas, and if I could adapt it in a relevant manner. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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