Remediation – Josh Flink

Hi Everyone,

For my repurposing draft, I took a psychology research paper about gender stereotypes/egalitarianism in recent Disney movies and repurposed it into a personal piece about the current election. I did so through the lens of Mulan. When thinking about my remediation, a few ideas came to mind. The first is to take multiple songs from Mulan—primarily, I’ll Make a Man Out of You—and adapt those songs into contemporary or satirical videos. It would be a more modern take (in light of the recent election) of these songs. For example, in researching ideas for my repurposing draft, I came across a really inspiring video: ( This video made me rethink the lyrics of the song and what they actually mean. Perhaps I could even go around campus in order to capture different perceptions of what it means to “be a man.” I would do this for other songs as well and insert original music from the soundtrack in these adapted videos.

Because many songs from Mulan are so relevant to how many women and individuals are feeling today AND is also very misrepresented of how women and individuals are feelings today, I am thinking about transforming my repurposing draft into a slam poem or monologue that would complement my repurposing draft. The messages that exist in Mulan are so powerful. I think a slam poem that bridges various quotes from the movie with various quotes from the current president, sentiments his supporters, opinions from those that oppose him, and my own personal reflections could make for a nice complement.

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