Repurposing (Sanika Babtiwale)

Hi everyone! As a writer, many of my pieces in college have been research papers. Although I have written a few short stories and personal narratives, I didn’t really get the chance to work on those styles as much. For this repurposing assignment, it is my goal to take one of my academic works and transform it into something more relaxed yet enlightening.

In my ASIAN 255 class, I wrote a paper about goddesses in Mahayana Buddhism. I mainly discussed the origin stories of these divine beings and their personalities. This piece required research on some traditional stories, so there are several excerpts from them as well as quotes from academic sources. While the paper flows well and has a strong introduction and conclusion, I don’t think anyone would really read it for pleasure.

I plan to change this piece significantly. Since the original was non-fiction and explored a variety of primary and secondary sources, I would like to lose this structure completely. I have wondered about how the goddesses would interact with each other, and so I have been thinking of writing a discussion circle dialogue. It could be a scene from a play, where the goddesses meet up at a coffee shop or someone’s home and have an interesting conversation. As these goddesses have been present for centuries, I wanted them to talk about something from the future which they don’t understand. Since there are a lot of jokes centered around “today’s generation,” I was considering making this the main topic of discussion.

I would like to repurpose the paper in this format because I want to make it more fun to read. I will probably have to add more goddesses that we learned about in the class so this dialogue can be more diverse, but I still intend to retain all of the beings’ characteristics. I hope this piece can become an entertaining twist on complaining about young people in the present while still remaining informative about historical goddesses in Buddhism.

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  1. Sanika,

    Honestly sounds like a really cool class and an interesting assignment! Might be biased here because I’m half-Asian and that kind of stuff culturally intrigues me, but regardless I think there’s a lot of room for great work here. To begin with, I think the paper will open up a lot when you’re no longer confined to specific texts and pages of evidence. You’ll definitely want to use your knowledge from those readings to synthesize and repurpose this paper, but now you don’t have to be so meticulous and structured with pieces evidence and their respective analyses. Bringing in the “future” concepts is awesome, can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with there because that sounds unique and creative. Love it!

    All the best,


  2. Hey Sanika!

    I really like this idea as it has the potential to be truly unique for your topic. I think you really started off with a strong idea due to the fact that you’re talking about culturally relevant/modern issues. One question I would have is “why would the average reader care what the goddesses think?” It may be funny to hear their uninformed perspective on modern topics, but if you think about tying their unique, historical epxeriences to those of today you could have a strong paper. I also thinking something like this “more fun to read” is a great idea, but it would be especially interesting if it has a story/point. I think by adding an intro/conclusion as to how or why they got to see into the future or a broader story/context from which they can experience modern culture would add a story beyond the goddesses simply commenting on modernity.

    Good luck!


  3. Hey, Sanika! First of all, I love the idea. I think this repurposing is going to be really cool. I like the idea of having the goddesses discuss the idea of the modern generation because it is something pertinent to most people today. The only thing I worry about, however, is how you’re going to take the knowledge of the goddesses from the first paper and apply it to a modern conversation. Are you going to base that directly off of their personalities that you researched in class? It will be really interesting to see how you integrate the history of these goddesses into a modern conversation today. Perhaps you could even consider a less pressing topic than “today’s generation” to put more of a comedic spin on it (perhaps just about sports or a TV show?)- if that’s something you might be interested in. I am so excited to read the final piece, best of luck! – Casey

  4. Hello Sanika –

    This is a very creative and impressive idea! It is great that you know exactly what you have that worked and know where you want to take what you have. Personally, I think that if I were to write a story in this form, I would want to plan out every big idea that you want to hit and then connect those points however you see fit.

    I am curious as to the setting you are thinking about. A piece that uses an unconventional system of time could serve you well (which, if I’m not mistaken, is what you are thinking of doing already). Having the goddesses talk about contemporary issues and relating it to their origin stories would be a fantastic display of innovation if done in a logical and creative fashion.

    Overall, from what I have read, it looks like you’re in pretty good shape going into this paper.

    I am sorry it took me so long to respond, so I must apologize if this is too late to help you.

    Thanks for sharing!
    – Justin

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