Writing 220 Introduction: Danielle Colburn

Hi everyone!

My name is Danielle Colburn. I am a junior majoring in English and minoring in Business and, of course, Writing. I am from a smallish town in Michigan called Byron Center, which is pretty close to Grand Rapids.

I am minoring in Writing because I started thinking about how almost everything I do, class-wise and extracurricular-wise, has to do with words. I work at the Michigan Daily as a copy editor and I work on two student-run literary magazines on campus. I (obviously) spend a lot of time reading and writing in my English classes. I’m hoping the Minor in Writing program will give me an opportunity to explore different forms of writing and to figure out who I am as a writer outside of strictly academic work. I attended NELP this past spring, I had the chance to do a lot of personal writing. This really urged me to spend more time on long-term writing projects that are more personal or directed by me. (By the way, NELP was an amazing experience and I would be happy to talk about it with anyone who is interested!)

I really enjoy poetry; though I haven’t written any in awhile, I love reading it.  One of my favorite collections is Kingdom Animalia by Aracelis Girmay. I am crazy about Hamilton: An American Musical, and I think that Lin Manuel Miranda — the playwright, lyricist, composer, etc — is one of the coolest people ever. I am interested in how mainstream forms of writing and media can be used to make progress in areas of social justice.

The picture of myself I’m including is from NELP, when I had a buzzcut and saw a moose on Mt. Washington.

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