Learning by Listening

I want to create an interesting, entertaining podcast. But how do I do that? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself since this idea was first incepted. What equipment should I use? How would I find awesome guests? How can I help make guests feel comfortable enough to chat openly? Do I want to include any music? What should it be called?

These questions have been floating around my mind all semester. But something I’ve realized just recently is how important it is to learn by listening. In other words, I have been looking up top trending podcasts, or podcasts my friends and mentor suggest, and evaluating them. Why don’t I like the way that sounds? Why do my friends like it? What keeps them engaged? By critically analyzing current podcasts, I can learn what I like and what I don’t like, and eventually form a concrete idea of what I want and how to make it happen.

A couple podcasts from all different genres that have helped me realize what I like and don’t like:

  • Anna Faris is Unqualified
    • Anna gives not so great relationship advice alongside various celebrities ranging from the millionaire matchmaker to Seth Rogen. hilarious show.
  • The Lively Show
    • Jess Lively is a graduate from UMich and her show aims to add intention to life, discussing a range of topics from business to motherhood to wellness.
  • Bloomberg’s P&L
    • Pimm & Lisa focus on the markets, hosting guests from Bloomberg Intelligence and other influential newsmakers.

A few podcasts I plan on listening to:

  • Drink Champs
    • two rappers get guests drunk and discuss a number of topics. let’s just say this show is not for the easily offended.
  • Don’t Keep Your Day Job
    • they talk to people who made it big with doing what they love in the creative world
  • Guys We F****D
    • yes, it’s just what it sounds like.

I have started to realize what kind of environments foster open conversations, how the pace of conversations can affect the podcast, and how different genres foster different sets of rules, just like in any other form of media, including writing. It is also interesting to see which podcasts have their own websites versus those that are just available on iTunes or SoundCloud, and how that adds to their image or persona. I look forward to continuing to discover how I want to craft and present my podcast.

Feel free to comment your favorite podcast so I can take a listen!Image result for anna faris is unqualified



Anna Prenzler

Anna is a senior studying business with a minor in writing at the University of Michigan. She believes you can never sing or laugh enough, and you must write things down for two reasons - to remember what happens in your life and to feel something.

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