Spring Break Is Upon Us!

OMG Spring Break is less than 10 days away! My friends are planning what types of bathing suits to bring to some gorgeous Caribbean Island or what to do at Mardi Gras. For me, I am deciding if I can have the first draft of my Capstone project complete by next Friday. What do you think?

Throughout this semester, I have felt very proactive in completing my Capstone Project. My goal was to have the first draft (which is due the week we return from Spring Break) done before break. Everything is going as planned, however I am unsure if I want to part with my project. I feel that another week of Instagram posts and revisions will allow me to produce the best draft project I can. For this reason, I have decided to continue posting everyday during break and revise my project if I desire. I will still have everything complete by next Friday, yet I will allow myself to make changes if I desire. What to you guys think about this decision? Am I crazy in love with my project?

I hope you guys have a great Spring Break! I can not wait to read the posts when everyone returns.

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